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"I have been a follower and avid user of Steve Sugar's classroom training games for more than 15 years. From his classic QUIZO to his ready-to-use reference game books, Steve has a special knack  for creating parlor-game excitement in every learning game."

- Sivasailam "Thiagi" Thiagarajan
The Thiagi Group

At The Game Group, we are teachers and game developers dedicated to improving in-classroom training and learning. As consultants and trainers — both internal and external to the organization — we know that you are always trying to raise the bar of your training event in terms of quality of the learning and retention of the topic. We offer learning games as a training alternative. These fine, field-tested, fun-to-play games will liven up any training session.

Each game provides an ingenious and playful design that brings your learners to your topic in an experiential way that promotes learning and increases retention. 

Fun with a purpose!

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Articles by Steve Sugar

The Peanut Butter Omelet: A Case for End-Product Creativity
In 35 years of writing, teaching and training with games, the most frequently asked question is:  "Where do you get your idea for games?" If I told you my creative technique was the "Peanut Butter Omelet Process," I'm sure you'd be both bewildered and concerned for my mental health. So, please let me explain...

The 10 Best Reasons for Using Classroom Games
Over the past 15 years, we have raised the question, "Why do you use classroom games?" to our clients and workshop participants. From their feedback we have constructed a list of the 10 best reasons for using learning games for trainers and educators...

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